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There are a number of ways to contact LORgames if you have issues with our products. The quickest way is to use the contact form as the turnaround on that is usually 48 hours. We also check the Facebook page very regularly. The forums are available if you want community help as well.

Is it really possible to get all of the laser components?
Yes, definitely possible. A number of players have managed this.

I found a few easter eggs, how many are there and where might I find them?
Having a list would defeat the purpose of easter eggs! Drive around and explore!

Quarantine Road
Is it possible to kill the hand?
Yes. After you kill it you arrive in a city where the challenge is significantly more difficult. Killing the boss there (a giant zombie mech) will result in the 'good ending' and allows you to play New Game+ where character upgrades and better progression are available.

Why didn't you add upgrades?
See the section above about killing the hand boss.