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System Requirements
LORgames recommends a 2.0GHz+ Dual Core CPU, 250MB+ of spare HDD Space, Windows 7, 2GB+ RAM and requires .NET Framework 4.0, a Direct Sound Capable Motherboard and a DirectX 10 Capable Graphics Card.
Homebound is the story of a boy trying to get home after getting lost in the forest.

Developed for the 2012 48 hour games competition, Homebound brings monsters, darkness and friendly flowers together in an atmospheric dash home. This game came runner up in both the graphics category and overall.

Atramentarious has been represented at the 48 hour games competition since 2009 and in 2012 the team consisted of art by Ryan Furlong, Ying Luo and Nathan Perry and programming by Samuel Surtees, Miles Till and Paul Fox.

WASD keys to move, mouse to spin the character around and left click to plant a seed. Initially you have 5 seeds but can collect more as you travel (the glowing objects you find throughout the forest). Each seed has a chance to grow into a pointing flower that points you towards your home, all flowers will spread spring's light and warmth over the area protecting you from the monters lurking in the dark! Running through the snow will fatigue you, resting by a fireplace or flower will give you renewed vigour to continue your journey! Just watch out for those monsters, a single touch will give you a panic attack forcing you to restart. Pressing Esc at any time will allow a quick restart. Everytime you play your home will be in a different direction and the forest will have changed as well!