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About Us
LORgames is a development studio founded in 2012 by a group of university graduates based in Brisbane, Australia.

Homebound, a game about a young boy trying to find his way home through the woods after dark- made for the 2012 #fab48hr competition it was runner up overall as well as runner up in the Graphics category.

As a full team we developed and released Deliverance, an open world driving game where you deliver packages and fight mobsters. It contains one of the largest seamless open worlds in a web based flash game and achieved over a million plays across hundreds of flash portals.

LORgames' second release was Quarantine Road, an endless top-scrolling shoot-em-up.Quarantine Road takes place in a zombie infested world where the only option is to collect various unique weapons and blast your way through the oncoming hordes in order to escape the ruined city. With leaderboards, 30 achievements, 8 weapons to collect, and numerous distinct enemy types to overcome, Quarantine Road gained over one hundred thousand plays in its first 3 months.